Where Do You Want Your Video?

What Happens After You Create A Video?

We support video creators, marketers and businesses to make the most of their videos to grow their brands, channels and bottom line. 

Augmented Reality Video (Anywhere)

Augmented Reality

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Live Streaming

Make Live streaming work for you 

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Social Media

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Videos Anywhere
Where do you want to place a video? Sure, your website is an excellent option. However, have you thought about a business card, cup, calendar, sign, or side of your building? Yep, we can put it there too. Not only that, but your videos are updateable too. 

Combine Technologies


The technology is cool! However, much of it has been around for a while; augmented reality, QR codes, and digital video are everywhere. The advantage of hiring the Blue Lightning team is that we are also marketing and communication strategist. It’s not just about technology. It’s about how to use awesome visual communication technology to meet your business and communication goals. 

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